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Getting There

 From the city of Colón

Take a bus on the Portobelo route or any other population on the Costa Arriba at the Colon Bus Terminal located at 14th Street and Avenida Bolivar in the city of Colón. Duration: 45 minutes. Cost: $ 1.60

From Panama City

Go to the Albrook Grand Terminal, located in Curundú, next to the Albrook Mall and take a bus from the Panama - Colón line, which has an express service with air conditioning (Duration: 45 minutes / cost: $ 3.15), and normal without Air (Duration: 2:15 minutes / Cost: $ 1.10). You can get to the Colon Bus Terminal or get off at the entrance of the town of Sabanitas, next to Rey Supermarket. From any of these two points, take a bus on the Portobelo or Costa Arriba route (From Terminal - cost: $ 1.60, total duration 1:45 minutes, from Sabanitas - cost: $ 1.30, total duration 1:15 minutes).

How to get there by train

Panama Canal Railway Company offers a daily service (Monday through Friday only) between Panama and Colon. Casual travelers do not need to make reservations in advance. Tickets can be purchased at the Corozal Passenger Station before departure or at the office. Departure from Panama to Colon at 7:15 am and from Colon to Panama, 5:15 pm, with travel time of 1 hour. Price one way: $ 25.00 (adults), $ 15.00 (children from 2 to 12 years), $ 17.50 (Panamanian retirees). www.panarail.com